DCC Installation Services

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Digital Command Control has become a very important part of our hobby. Our firm has completed over 400 sound/silent decoder installations in many different brands of steam and diesel locomotives. We have experience in all scales with most popular brands of decoders. Our DCC installation service will give you smooth operation and the best sound quality at a competitive price.

Although we specialize in HO sound installations, the same quality services are available in all other scales. We also offer non sound decoder installations, detailing, painting, weathering and general repairs. See the photos below for some examples of our work. If you have a problem locomotive or need something special done, we love a challenge. Call or e-mail for a quote.

The sounds generated from diesel locomotives can be significantly different depending on the manufacturer and engine type. It is important to install the most appropriate sound decoder that will deliver the best sound quality for each application.

Steam locomotive sound is very locomotive specific, even locomotives of the same type will sound different from each other. Most decoders allow us to customize bell, whistle and other sounds to the individual locomotive we are working with.